Successful Completion of English Language Courses

From October to June of the 2023-2024 academic year, the Department of Foreign Languages conducted courses for the scientific and pedagogical staff of the Precarpathian National University. The purpose of these courses was to improve their proficiency in English, which in turn enhances the quality of education at the university.


The courses were systematically organized, taking into account modern teaching and learning methodologies for foreign languages. The department’s instructors actively employed interactive methods, allowing participants not only to improve their language skills but also to learn new teaching methods they can apply in their pedagogical work.


The courses concluded on June 18, when associate professors Oksana Tytyun and Natalia Mahas administered the final exam to the participants. The exam consisted of several stages, each aimed at assessing the knowledge and skills acquired during the course. Participants demonstrated their abilities in both written and oral communication, as well as their understanding of complex grammatical structures and lexical units.


The exam results showed that all participants passed successfully, which is a testament to the high quality of the training and the efforts made by both the instructors and the course participants. Throughout the course, favorable conditions were created for learning and improving the language, exchanging experiences, and implementing innovative teaching methods.

The courses conducted by the Department of Foreign Languages were an important step in enhancing the qualifications of the scientific and pedagogical staff of the Precarpathian National University. They not only improved English proficiency but also strengthened professional connections among the University’s scholars, which is crucial for the further development of the educational process at the university.

Thus, the completion of the courses became a significant event, confirming the necessity and effectiveness of such initiatives. The confidence in the knowledge and skills gained during the training will enable participants to apply them in their future pedagogical activities, contributing to the improvement of education quality and the development of the country’s scientific potential.